Our dance piece will premier 7.2.2018 at Kallio Stage. This is my artistic work for my Masters degree in sound design at TEAK. Welcome!!



Our performance Celeste

as reviewed





working with triggering sensors as a part of composing.

we will have a demo tomorrow.

here a taste

!!dancers: Pauliina Sjöberg and Salla Rytövuori

Project coordinators: Aki Päivärinne & Hanna Pajala


I will be making sound for Otto Sandqvist work “Celeste” at Teak spring 2017. The work will be done with swedish speaking acting students. We will premiere in april 2017 showing 8 times.

The working group is: Otto Sandqvist, Tom Lönnqvist, Luca Sirviö (light) and Teo Paaer (costume and scenografy)

The actors are: Petra Heinänen, Klara Wenner Tångring, Minni Gråhn and Wilhelm Enckell


I was perforiming on saturday at Yögalleria as a part of Helsinki Decompression. It felt good and I might be doing a recording of a similiar performance to make into an album. Also we are performing our “Let’s not end this yet” at TEAK. We are half way through and it has been good.



My first work at TEAK is now done. I created a “ghost town”. The cloth creates sound when touched, by transcending it through a piano wire to contact mic’s and a device I built that reacts on changes in magnetic field.


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I have started my studies at a masters degree program in sound at TEAK. We are working on a dance performance with Sara Gurevitsch as choreagrapher. I am also working on an individual project in a class looking at possibilities of combining Sound with Scenografy.