“I am interested of sound as an open field of thought, with all the connotational possibilities it brings, and how timbre affects, and how we don’t know.”


TOM LÖNNQVIST works with sound. His main interests are in body engaging tones, and the dramaturgic potential of sound design. Tom Lönnqvist graduated at the Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki (TeaK), as a Master of Arts in Sound 2018. He was awarded the Risto Mäenpään säätiö grant at his graduation.


TOM LÖNNQVIST työstää ääntä. Häntä kiinnostavat etenkin ääni kehollisena kokemuksena, samoin kuin äänen dramaturginen potentiaali osana esityksiä ja teoksia. Tom Lönnqvist valmistui Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulusta (TeaK) äänen maisteri linjalta 2018. Hänelle myönnettiin valmistumisen yhteydessä Risto Mäenpään säätiön stipendi.
TOM LÖNNQVIST arbetar med ljud. Han är speciellt intresserad av ljud som en kroppslig upplevelse, samt ljudets dramaturgiska potential som en del av föreställningar och verk. Tom Lönnqvist examinerades från Teaterhögskolan, Konst Universitetet Helsingfors, som en magister i ljud 2018. Han fick Risto Mäenpää fondens stipendium vid sin utexaminering.


“I have been working with outdoors since 2008. Being a Sea kayaking guide (Nordic Instructor License) and doing numerous trips to wilderness areas and natural ice, keeps me, as I perceive things, affected by nature. I have always been interested to find spots where I can feel that not that many have gone to. In a way it is a paradox to be there, but I also feel that it gives me a sense of what vibrant matter is to me, that then becomes a part of my art.”







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