“I am interested in how we can create affective sound that has the potential to pass the subjective view of the listener. I find that this is important due to the hectic and problematic environment most of us live in. My MA in arts (sound) is a study about how subjectivity can be considered problematic in how we relate to sound. Through this my main interest has become body engaging tones.”

“I am also interested in the environmental crisis we are facing and how our bodies responding to sound can be related to this. I am interested in sound that can potentially exclude opinion. My findings refer to my studies in eco somatic movement, where I have experienced a body responding to sound as part of the memory and response of an anatomical structure. I am interested in if this has the potential to give us means to face the upcoming problematic changes that humanity will face due to climate change, exploring body and how it relates to sound.”

Dalen. På Jorden

Dalen promo-7

Sound design and electronics for Klockriketeatern, Borgå Konstfabriken, 2022.

(Also shown at Cefisto G-18, 2022)

picture: Darina Rodionova


Sound design and composition for Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen, Teak and Tanssin Talo, 2022.

picture: Janne Savon


Sound design and composition for MAGNUM, Mad House, Helsinki 2021.

(Hangö Teaterträff performance canceled due to Covid restrictions)

Magnum on kehollinen leikki, jossa taiteenlajit, tyylit ja kielet sekoittuvat

picture Saara Autere

A Prologue


Sound design, electronics and composition for Jenni-Elina Von Bagh, Zodiak, Center for new dance Helsinki, 2020.

(Also shown at Performing Hel, Ice Hot Nordic Dance and Tanssin Aika, 2022)

picture Katri Naukkarinen


ZOE kuva 1 (c) Pekka Mäkinen

Performance, composition, electronics and sound design for Sara Gurevitsch, Itä-Suomen Tanssin Aluekeskus, Kuopio, 2019.

(Also shown at XS-festival, Kutomo 2019, Mad Week, Mikkeli and Näyttämö, Joensuu 2020)

picture: Pekka Mäkinen

Inter-floral Mintbox


A collective participatory installation performance by Laura Marleena Halonen, Tom Lönnqvist, Marjut Maristo & Kristian Palmu, Teater Viirus, 2019.

(Also shown at URB-festival, Kiasma 2019)

Picture: Liina Aalto-Setälä

Posthuman days


Sound design for Jenni-Elina Von Bagh, Zodiak, Center for new dance Helsinki, 2018.

(Also shown at TanssiVirtaa festival, Tampere, 2020)

Picture: Katri Naukkarinen



Kinahmi – Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu / MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance. Photography: Sanni Siira

Sound design for Jussi Salminen’s final artistic work at his studies at MAECP (Master of Ecology and contemporary performance) Teak, 2018.

Dry Storm

Dry Storm, 2018. Photography by Sanni Siira.

Dry Storm, 2018. Photography by Sanni Siira.

Sound design and electronics for Sara Gurevitsch final artistic work at her studies in Choreography, master of dance Teak, 2018.

(Also shown at “Liikkeellä Marraskuussa” festival, ITAK 2018)



Sound design for Otto Sandqvist’s final artistic work at his studies in Dramaturgy, master in theatre Teak, 2017.

(Also shown at Hangö Teaterträff, 2017)

Picture: Teo Paaer

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