Third in I series of kaamos inspired albums ENTER (following NOIR and ARIA) is a work of outer and inner experience. 

Inner as in in-betweens of body. Outer as in remodulation of space. A dance where outer movement slows to initiate inner. A pose within an endless butterfly flap of frequency we encounter as we travel through cosmos. A slumber party for black solar mass. 

Enter questions social norms of music. It allows a lust to create an isolated form of rebellion. Questioning the borders of non-music/ music it forms its own entity as a possibility for change. 

Between joy and sense of fear ENTER allows it self to search while it thrives on simplicity. 

ENTER continues Tom Lönnqvist’s exploration in anti reverberation synthesis. 

The album contains a remix by fellow Mille Plateaux artist Ibrahim Alfa Jnr. 

released April 7, 2023 on Mille Plateaux

As a forming of a utopia within black, Aria vanishes into the already existent. Threading the monotony within non composition, Aria begs to differ. It is as much within Queer bones and flesh as it is out there.

As a sound study of anti reverberation, Aria continues Tom Lönnqvist work within Kaamos. It relies on an electronic blanket, leaning into black. Serving, anticipating, letting it go. A swerving autopsy.

Aria is Tom Lönnqvist second album for Mille Plateaux. It continues his work with music/ non music for contemporary performance art. It is formed for its counterpart within time.

released January 14, 2022 on Mille Plateaux

The album is created during compositional grant from Svenska Kulturfonden and grant by recommendation from Héléne och Walter Grönqvists Stiftelsen

NOIR is an exploration into night. It is created during Kaamos time in Helsinki. It is a somewhat sound design for a non existing performative piece. It acknowledges the problematic state of our civilisation while allowing it self to merge into aesthetics of movie, Film noir, to breath and fantasise within that world.

The tones of NOIR are created from an urge to bodily sense sound. They are created from a closed modular system as a stereo modulation. They convey timelessness if you so like. The tones are an outcome of four years of building the system and 13 years of DJing and hosting an ambient radio show.

“At some point I asked musician/ movie composer Timo Kaukolampi to join me on this project. The idea was to close the album with a reconstructed track made by someone else. Kaukolampi felt like the natural choice with his vast collection of analogue synths and an interest in composition that is more towards magic than perfection.”

All tracks recorded, composed and mixed by Tom Lönnqvist

“O” Kaukolampi Rmx recorded, composed and mixed by Timo Kaukolampi at Half Skull Studios Helsinki Mastering by Samuli Tanner

Cover art picture by Tom Lönnqvist

released May 21, 2021 on Mille Plateaux

The album is created during compositional grant from Svenska Kulturfonden and TAIKE

Music for Ningen is a compositional sound study by Tom Lönnqvist, created for the contemporary dance piece Ningen, a doctoral artistic research performance by Mammu Rankanen and working group. 

“Working with sound and space I search to create a closed system that is in constant change. The sound is nomadic, searching for new ways to adapt to its self creating new unheard paths. The sound is created in space embodying familiar frequencies that relate to the sense before the actual happening. It is part of a condensation and breath of space and time”

released September 27, 2022 on Mille Plateaux

Cover art by Janne Savon

Live set performed at Musa Ullakolla 5. 
A virtual happening for experimental music. 

Cover: event poster by Heta Bilaletdin

released June 11, 2020

The work for this performance and further exploration in the possibilities of combining drums and modular synth was supported by Svenska Kulturfonden and TAIKE.

“Häviävän pieni osa” (finnish) An exploration into compositional possibilities of “vanishing tiny bit”

Video track 4:

released March 10, 2019 on Guggenhavn Archive

Played on our national radio YLE 1

All tracks composed, recorded and played by Tom Lönnqvist

Recorded in Lappvik – Hanko 2014-2015.

Vocal on “Eteisen purku” by Sara Lindeman

Cover by Jenni Rahkonen

released April 29, 2015 on Guggenhavn Archive

Video for track “Alusta” by Rea-Liina Brunou

“Kuusi sävellystä pianolle ja sellolle kuulostaa hyvinkin klassisromanttiselta materiaalilta, mutta nyt ei ole kyse aivan siitä. Materiaali on äänitetty syrjäisessä paikassa, puisessa mökissä, joten ehkä siitä tulee mukaan ripaus maanläheisyyttä. Muuten ollaan kyllä rehdisti ambientin kokeellisuuden ja improvisaation maisemissa. Lappvik eli Lappohja on kylä Hangossa, eteläisessä Suomessa. Ja sen niminen on myös Tom Lönnqvistin sooloalbumi. Musiikkia pianolle ja sellolle, mutta samalla myös ajatuksille, muistoille ja avaruudelle.” (Jukka Mikkola, Avaruusromua/ Yle Radio 1) Played on our national radio YLE 1

“Dunckergatan is electronic experiments of Tom Lönnqvist. Non sequenced simple hypnotic minimalism. Abstract extremely slow beats with dynamic assortment of soft synth choirs, hums, low bass and crackles with tactile sense of electricity.” (Pekka Roine, guggenhavn) Music on this album was played on: yamaha dx 21, casio cz1000, korg micro preset, jomox mbase11, yamaha spx90, roland sde2000, vermona vsr3, kawai es3, moog lowpass, tc dpe & ebs unichorus.

released November 13, 2014 on Guggenhavn Archive

Vaino is a mini Ep by Dunckergatan (Tom Lönnqvist) trying to catch the essence of persecution and feeling of abrupt time. The composition is aimed at giving a perspective on development in persecutive manners. A vocal performance by Sara Björnsdotter is the body for the last track “Ilmatila”.

released November 23, 2013

OurHelsinki is:
Panu Luukkonen: althorn,electronics, scrap
Tom Lönnqvist: drums
Vesa Lehko: woodwinds, field recordings, objects

Performed live at Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki, 15.01.2020

Played on our national radio YLE 1

released 15.01.2020 on Art First records

“Sadetta on tänä “talvena” saatu riittävästi, ainakin Helsingissä. Mitä, jos sade ei lakkaisikaan ja meren pinta jatkaisi nousuaan 4,2 metriin? Miltä Helsinki silloin kuullostaisi? Miten kaikuisivat ja resonoisivat keskustan korttelit, sisäpihat, kellarit tai tulvivat onkalot kaupungin alla?” (Jukka Mikkola, Avaruusromua/ Yle Radio 1)

Tom Lönnqvist – Synthesizers 
Samuli tanner – Synthesizers, Samplers & Guitar

GGG-018 / APM 043 

also available as tape on Anti-Party Music. 

released January 20, 2016 on Guggenhavn Archive

Played on our national radio YLE 1

Tom Lönnqvist – Synthesizers 
Samuli tanner – Synthesizers, Samplers & Guitar 

Recorded during one weekend 
at Hemliga Trädgården 
Stockholm, Spring 2013 

Edited, mixed & mastered by Tanner & Lönnqvist 
at Kärleks Studio, Nilsu, Helsinki 
2013 – 2014 

Drawing by Heta Bilaletdin 

released October 8, 2014 on Guggenhavn Archive

“MARKET marries avant-garde tactics with nicely flowing structures built in post production, thus avoiding the common lengthy aimlessness that troubles many experimental records of this sort. This results in many fascinating sounds and excitement of being non-formulaic without the drowsiness induced by the lack of intention. Favorite track: Syndabock.” (Twisted Krister, Bandcamp)

Simple and easy to approach, yet multifaceted and challenging, Majani Harmaja is post-modern with throbbing sincerity. A shared effort of Helsinki-based musicians/producers Niclas Kristiansson and Tom Lönnqvist, the self-titled debut is a result of sessions carried out during winters between 2011 and 2013. 

Recorded live with a limited sound palette, a minimalist compositional approach and a method of endless overdubbing, the music builds on the parallels of organic and designed, acoustic and electronic, abstract and representational as well as modern and traditional. The EP pays homage to a wave in experimental electroacoustic music that happened around the change of the millennium, represented by labels such as City Centre Offices, Type and Mille Plateaux. 

released December 29, 2013 on 1-0-8

Written and produced: Niclas Kristiansson & Tom Lönnqvist 
Mixed and mastered: Niclas Kristiansson 
Cover: “Peilin” by Tom Lönnqvist

Dunckergatan “hidastu” is the first project of the moniker. It was recorded during winter 2011/2012. It contains vocal appearances by Khid, Square, Sara Björnsdotter, Iwere and Tiiu Helinä. The starting point for the album was the track “01.11.011 feat Tiiu Helinä” (the last track of the album), and from there the album was produced backwards one track at a time. Dunckergatan “hidastu” was originally released as an art cover Cd of 70 pcs.

released August 2, 2013

Music from the performance Posthuman days.

released November 1, 2018

Played on our national radio YLE 1

“Ja ainakin tämä pätkä tanssiteoksen musiikista on ei pelottava eikä dystopinen, vaan ilahduttavalla tavalla inhmillinen.” (Jukka Mikkola, Avaruusromua/ Yle Radio 1)

Music from the performance Dry Storm.

released February 18, 2018

Played on our national radio YLE 1

Created as part of a body related working process with Marie Anderson (Swe) Fanny Gurevtisch, Sara Gurevitsch, Mikko Kilpiä, Taryn McGovern (Us) & Kira Riikonen. 

2. JENA 
Created for Jenna Broas & Pinja Poropudas experimental dance piece “Different but same in this structure of a structure” 

released October 17, 2017 on Guggenhavn Archive

SOUND – Tom Lönnqvist 
IMAGE – Jenni Rahkonen 
( )

Played on our national radio YLE


I shared a radio program on Basso Radio with rrkk (Roope K) years 2007-2019. Our program was called “alas ambient”. Here some of the programs that I wanted to share.


Songs I’ve shared on Soundcloud, some of the older stuff is only here, like a remix of Clouds, J-riskit + a unreleased song with Tiiu Helinä:

Tom Lönnqvist · greys dots

Tom Lönnqvist · tuutuu laulu

Tom Lönnqvist · World Bank – Flaky Lizard feat Iwere – Dunckergatan Rmx

Tom Lönnqvist · J Riskit – HKI Kädestä Suuhun – Dunckergatan Rmx

Tom Lönnqvist · Clouds – Get over it – Dunckergatan Remix


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