there is always an other side to things.

film, edit, music

Iceskating on a lake in our national park Noux. The winter the snow doesn’t come, the ice only visits. It is dark.

This is a video of a real situation. As real as climate change. It is of an existing space. A landscape.

film, edit, music

a video for the track “Et antanut sen loppua” from album “Häviävän pieni osa” released 10.3.2019 on Guggenhavn Archive

movement, installation

a video of the performance “avoidance” as part of my exhibition “policy incertitude” at galleria MUU kaapelitehdas.

film, edit, sound
A teaser for our work Dry Storm, my final artistic work for my Masters degree in Sound.
music (video by Rea-Liina Brunou)
“Video on jatkoa edellisvuonna aloittamalleni riistakameraprojektille. Viime keväänä tallensin kameralla metsäkauriiden liikkeitä ja siitä syntyi musiikkivideo Kemiallisille Ystäville. Kesällä toin kameran sisälle ja aloin kuvata sillä ajankulua kotiympäristössä. Se työ on kokonaisuudessaan vielä kesken, mutta viime syksynä kuvattu materiaali löysi parin Tomin Alusta -kappaleesta ja näin projektista lohkesi musiikkivideo.” (Rea-Liina Brunou 13.4.2015)


first one a part of Zodiak outreach, filmed in my home. Director Sari Palmgren, sound Tuomas Norvio. Dancing with Marjukka Savolainen. second one an old one of my own filmed in central Helsinki.

film, edit, music (with Harri Olin & Niclas Kristiansson)

Here are two music videos of mine. The first is for the track “Sademies (feat Iwere)” from my album Dunckergatan “hidastu”. It aims at showing the weight of the pre “kaamos” period in Finland. The second one is for Lunne (pre Majani Harmaja), showing a dreary view of beauty and search?

film, edit, music
The video is made for the song “VRUN” from the album “By Hour Blown Glass”
coming this fall on Guggenhavn Archive.
film, edit, music, ride

Filmed in Haukilahti Finland 18.2.2019. Music: Tom Lönnqvist, Blues and Greens

and an older from 31.1.2014

film, edit, sound, ride (with Patrick Blom, original music by Harri Olin)

This video I made got spotted by the RPA advertising agency and further chosen by Ellen Kuras to be part of a US nationwide Tv commercial for Honda Civic Si 2013.

“Director of Photography, Ellen Kuras (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Blow”), captured the innovators’ genuineness balanced with the beauty of the Civic.” (RPA, Honda, 2013)

film, edit, sound, ride (with Patrick Blom, Andreas Laurent, Hannu Nurmiviita. Original music by Iwere)

This is a promotional video I made for Kitewing Sports year 2010. It is filmed in Varanger Norway. Footage of the video was shown on Eurosport and other channels across europe. We made the same trip 2011 of which footage was chosen for the Tv production “Den meningslösa leken”, showcasing Patrick Blom, while shown on national television across Scandinavia.

film, edit, ride, music

Here are films I made to showcase the Playspirit and Arrow Play MV by Zegul kayaks of Tahemarine. The first was shown as a part of Tahemarines international newsletter to help launch the model. The second one was filmed on a windy day in Hanko and chosen to be part of “Hulluna Hankoon – Galen i Hangö” and Tahemarines Fb page. the third just a morning in 2014.

film, edit

a camera in a landscape.

*my part of it


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