Aria reviewed in Italy Europa e cultura elettronica https://europaeculturaelettronica.blogspot.com/2022/04/tom-lonnqvist-aria-recensioni-album-2022.html (click number for pictures of English translation)


Ningen getting closer to premier. Almost already sold out also so seems to be a lot of interest in the piece. Here a video teaser by Janne Savon. (Click number for video)


Aria played in Italy on Fango Radio on the show L’arcangelico (episode #9) https://www.fangoradio.com/shows/74


A new release with Katja Lambert (violin), Vesa Lehko (woodwinds) and me playing drums out now on Art First Records https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcwLJmT59B8


Mauritium Simona Zamboli remix played in Italy on Fango Radio Pangea episode 221 https://www.thenewnoise.it/pangea-221/


Aria played in France Orleans on 88,3 Fm http://www.orleans.radiocampus.org/


My music will play today (7.3.2022) in Brasil São Paulo as part of NTRFRNZ, a program hosted by José Julio do Espirito Santo https://www.facebook.com/662744517201003/posts/2309820175826754/


Working on the piece Ningen now. I have been part of the movement exploration and doing compositional prework for the sound design. The piece will premier in end of May in Teak to then be shown in Tanssin Talo https://www.tanssintalo.fi/ohjelma/mammu-rankanen-ningen


The track Mauritium played on “this is not a disco” +Simona Zamboli’s remix of Mauritium played on “random jukebox”. This all in UK/ Cornwall based radiostation Source Fm https://randomjukebox.wordpress.com/2022/03/03/this-is-not-a-disco-030322/


Mauritium from the album ARIA featured in Prague Czech Republic on Radio 1 https://www.radio1.cz/porad/13-syrovych/?tracklist=33139#tracklist