Dalen på Jorden will play 17.4 in G18 as part of a Performance Art Climate week together with Svenska Teatern https://klockrike.fi/sv/aktuellt/article-148741-85671-scenkonsten-och-klimatet-en-vecka-med-miljo-som-tema#fyysisiä


My new album “ENTER” will be soon out on Frankfurt Germany based infamous record label Mille Plateaux https://edition-mille-plateaux.com/new.php?release=58


1 minute autohypnosis is now available online. Happy to be part of this international sound art release. https://www.mutesound.org/autohypnosis/1-minute-autohypnosis-51/


Got chosen to be part of Gumbostrand Konst och Form gallery sales artists https://shop.konstoform.fi/taiteilija/tom-lonnqvist/


Got invited to be part of international art gallery Soho. The gallery is a development of the former Sweden Västerås based gallery and has some serious talent as part of their rooster. Happy to be part of this https://www.gallerisoho.se/store/tom-lonnqvist/


Dalen. På jorden got credit in Tove Sjöbackas article “performances that got under my skin and thus changed me as a human being (HBL 22.1.2023) https://www.hbl.fi/artikel/b164b5be-85c3-40e4-a825-e7290c3fbd89 (click number for image in Swedish)


Mute Sound 1 minute autohypnosis is now out as CD. (Click number for images) happy to be part of this international release from Spain. My track is an extract from my 2022 performance at Galleria Muu Helsinki.


The launch of the virtual art exhibition Deleuze, Guattari and Cosmic art was held on Thursday. As specially the keynote by Dorothea Olkowski and her talk about synthesis in relation to Deleuze and Guattari affected me. Happy to have had the opportunity to be part of the artist panel for this.


The Deleuze and Guattari Cosmic Art exhibition is now open to public. https://www3.laurentian.ca/deleuzecosmo/tom-lonnqvist/


Had a session yesterday with Samuli Tanner playing electronics. The live recording will be heard later as part of Documenta 15/ Lumbung radio https://documenta-fifteen.de/lumbung-radio/