Pictures by Sanni Siira from our performance Kinahmi. The performance was created as a collective effort starting February 2018. We where looking into shamanism, mythology and divine. The performance was Jussi Salminens final artistic work for his studies at MAECP (Master of Ecology and Contemporary Performance)   KINAHMI (in english below) Kinahmi tutkii ihmisen havainnoinnin kurimusta. Kurimusta, joka luo meille kokemuksen irrallisuudesta,…


Our piece Dry Storm is part of the upcoming paikallisliike festival. https://itak.fi/paikallisliike


I was playing a Modular Synth live set at VÄS fest. Great venue, great people, amazing performances.   (picture Jari Matsi)      


Dry storm, was mentioned in the magazine Teatteri & Tanssi. kotiin palaavan iloinen yllätys. maininta teatteri ja tanssi lehdessä🐝🐝🙃 A post shared by Tom Lönnqvist (@tomatom3) on Apr 29, 2018 at 4:57am PDT


Pictures from my field recording trip to Iceland.(click number for images)


We had our first intensive working period towards the performance KINAHMI. Here some pictures of us inside the cave “Torholan luola”. (picture 1 and 3 Noora Kauppila)


Working on a new project with Jussi Salminen. The project is his final artistic work at MAECP (Master in Ecology and Contemporary Performance) at Teak. We will premier may 10th.   We: Tero Aalto, Mikko Heikinpoika Neuvonen, Noora Kauppila, Sini Koskelainen, Tom Lönnqvist, Saila Pönkä, Jussi Salminen, Aino Simola.   (click number for image)


The track “paw” from my sound design from the performance “Dry Storm” will be played as part of Avaruusromua upcoming Sunday. https://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2018/03/08/koko-todellisuus-on-evoluutiota-avaruusromua-1132018    


One very good day traveling on new ice.


Dry Storm is now done in Teak. Next performance in June. Pictures Sanni Siira. (click number for images)