I am now an artist also in Helsingborg artist association. They organise exhibitions in both Sweden and Denmark so happy for the opportunity.


The text of Magnum is nominated https://www.sunklo.fi/sv/node/3982 It was an intriguing journey to be part of creating the piece.


Will be joining Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen in her piece Ningen. The piece is her final artistic work in her doctoral studies and will be shown at TEAK and Tanssin Talo. Looking forward to the opportunity.


A Prologue will be part of Ice Hot Nordic Dance festival in February. https://www.icehotnordicdance.com/artistic-programme/


Music machine review of NOIR highlighted in Avant Music News https://avantmusicnews.com/2021/09/14/musique-machine-reviews-966/


NOIR reviewed by Paul Casey in musique machine http://www.musiquemachine.com/reviews/reviews_template.php?id=8601


Will be teaming up with Jenni-Elina Von Bagh, Ingvil Fossheim and Ina Niemelä next week to show “A Prologue” as part of PerformingHEL. Nice to be able to get back to the piece and show it to potential interested.


O Kaukolampi RMX from NOIR played as part of ICARUS in Belgium. The show aired on radio UrgentFM (Ghent) and YouFM (Mons) https://www.mixcloud.com/blessyoube/icarus-545-down-to-the-plains/?fbclid=IwAR3ZVqGbaOrRmP_vMo7qDuM2DUjXe5wz4ArKmVVuO1GQQX2sCVdwzhkF3W8


3 tracks from NOIR was played in SCHLECKTRONIK on German Ulm based radio FreeFM https://www.freefm.de/artikel/st-371


Got a personal grant from Héléne and Walter Grönqvist foundation. You can not apply for these and they are only given on recommendation so honoured.