New music video out on Mille Plateaux! https://youtu.be/X85KDdZSFbw


I am creating the composition/ sound design for Stella Hortas upcoming installation that will premiere at Berlin Naturkunden Museum. The piece was meant to been shown in early June but has now been postponed due to Berlin Covid restrictions.


My new album “NOIR” will be released 21.5.2021. Not allowed to tell label yet but really excited about this one.


Sadly, Hangö Teaterträff is cancelled due to covid restrictions. They were a co producer of our performance Magnum. https://www.hangoteatertraff.org/sv/nyheter/hango-teatertraff-2021-stalls-in-jubileum-firas-nasta-ar


Will be part of Performing Hel 2021 with Jenni-Elina Von Baghs piece A Prologue. https://www.performinghel.fi/news/the-programme-for-performing-hel-2021-has-been-released/


I was elected to take part in artist association MUU’s and Theatre Academy Helsinki’s joint workshop “Friends Glitching In The Distance”. The workshop is part of MUU’s a month for performances and has included guest lectures by Tero Nauha and Leena Kela.


I received a one year working grant from Kulturfonden. These are really hard to get so honoured.