A binaural recording from Kallahdeniemi Vuosaari:


We will be performing A Prologue in Kutomo Turku 21.3. https://facebook.com/events/s/jenni-elina-von-bagh-a-prologu/1235693983244190/?ti=cl


A prologue will premier 25.2 at Zodiak. welcome.https://www.zodiak.fi/kalenteri/prologue    


I was working last fall in Mikkeli on the EU funded dance project HUUMA. It was a joint project with Anti festival Kuopio, ESTO Mikkeli and Raatikko Vantaa.   I made sound with the participants, to be part of the movement we together with the participants and choreograph Sara Gurevitsch made.         (click number for sound file)  


HBL arvio Inter-floral Mint Box esityksestä. HBL recension från föreställningen Inter-floral Mint Box: https://www.hbl.fi/artikel/sympatiskt-men-lite-rorigt-nar-vaxtriket-intar-scenen/


Eilisestä, about yesterday: (click number for images of review) Turun Sanomien arvio kokonaisuudessaan: https://www.ts.fi/kulttuuri/nayttamotaide/4782654/Tanssiarvio+XSfestivaalin+esityksissa+purettiin+totuttuja+ihmisena+olemisen+tapoja  


A teaser and some pictures from the ZOE, we will perform as part of XS festival next week Wednesday. (click picture for large image)


I got selected to MUU artist association. Happy to be part of this impressive bunch of artists from several decades. http://www.muu.fi/site/?lang=fi