My composition will be featured in Stella Horta’s piece Solarfish at ACUD Galerie in Berlin as part of UdK experimental film and media art exhibition “Another Matter” http://current-situation.medienhaus.udk-berlin.de/exhibition-another-matter-at-acud-macht-neu-gallery/


French review of NOIR by Roland Torres in Silence and sound https://silenceandsound.me/2021/06/13/tom-lonnqvist/ (click number for pictures of translation)


Really nice review on NOIR featured in French inactuelles http://inactuelles.over-blog.com/2021/05/tom-lonnqvist-noir.html (click number for images of translation)


NOIR featured in German online magazine African paper http://africanpaper.com/2021/06/05/tom-lonnqvist-erkundet-die-nacht/


Aun from NOIR featured on The Moderns by Kevin Press https://themoderns.blog/2021/06/06/the-moderns-ep-161/


Track “N” from NOIR played on RCV 99 FM in France Lille. http://www.rcv-lille.radio-website.com/podcasts/1390-vendredi-04-juin-2021-687


O Kaukolampi RMX from my album NOIR will play tonight in Bay area California on KKUP 91,5 FM https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4039787969393277&id=100000863401438


“e” from album NOIR was featured on Markus Ortmanns show “Knuspern” on Hamburg based BYTE FM https://www.byte.fm/sendungen/knuspern/2021-05-30/22/im-herz-geblieben/


The track Aena from the album NOIR was part of France (nation wide) radio http://www.radiomercure.fr/ as part of their electronic therapy program http://electronic-therapy.over-blog.com/