ENTER featured in Lille France as part of “El Réanimator” heard on RCV 99.0 fm http://elreanimator.over-blog.com/2023/04/playlist-1470-vendredi-07-avril-2023.html


ENTER is now out on Mille Plateaux. Happy to part of this label and its history in electronic music. The album can be found on all major streaming platforms https://forceincmilleplateaux.bandcamp.com/album/tom-l-nnqvist-enter


LEFT from the album ENTER now part of Schlecktronik. Beyond online the show aired in Ulm Germany on 102,6 FM https://www.freefm.de/artikel/422


TIMBER from upcoming album ENTER played as part of Radio Gagarin on FSK radio in Hamburg https://www.mixcloud.com/RadioGagarin/radio-gagarin-fsk-hamburg-24323-20-22-uhr/


ALONE from my upcoming album ENTER was part of The Moderns Radio Show in Toronto Canada. The show is hosted by Kevin Press and is one of the most beautiful shows out there. The show was aired as part of Radio Regent. https://themoderns.blog/2023/04/02/the-moderns-ep-256/


The track “CALM” will be part of The Institute Of Spectra Sonic Sound tomorrow 1.4.2023. The show is based in Eugene Oregon US and will play as part of https://kepw.org/ 97.3 FM https://m.mixcloud.com/spectrasonicsound/the-institute-of-spectra-sonic-sound-4123/


My upcoming album ENTER now also part of The Moderns. A well known radio show and blog by Kevin Press (Toronto Canada) https://themoderns.blog/2023/03/31/friday-five-mar-31-2023/


My song BOIL from my upcoming album ENTER is part of The Parish News episode 340, the show will air on radio in Resonance Extra, Harrogate Community Radio, Soundart Radio and K-BOG in Oregon US https://backhouse.wtf/episode-340/


Dalen på Jorden will play 17.4 in G18 as part of a Performance Art Climate week together with Svenska Teatern https://klockrike.fi/sv/aktuellt/article-148741-85671-scenkonsten-och-klimatet-en-vecka-med-miljo-som-tema#fyysisiä


My new album “ENTER” will be soon out on Frankfurt Germany based infamous record label Mille Plateaux https://edition-mille-plateaux.com/new.php?release=58