Our song MOTORELLA was played as part of Avaruusromua. https://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2019/07/03/avaruusromua-loylyn-hengessa MARKET-MOTORELLA-from album MOTORELLA released on lal lal lal records as limited cassette. MARKET is TOM LÖNNQVIST and SAMULI TANNER


View this post on Instagram Improv gig with Laponia at #museumofimpossibleforms as part of the Jaak Sikk/ Outi Pulkkinen session this friday. I will be playing the drums. 🥁🥁🥁 A post shared by Tom Lönnqvist (@tomatom3) on Jun 11, 2019 at 2:44am PDT Come join us at Museum of impossible forms next friday from 19.00.


More about this later but will be part of this project starting fall 2019 https://www.nuori.fi/2019/05/22/huuma-on-alkanut-lasten-ja-nuorten-saatio-yhdistaa-tanssin-ja-tulevaisuustaidot/


My radio from yesterday.


Ever wondered how life is in Laponia Improvisations? Here a recording from one of our sessions led by Lauri Hyvärinen.   Us in this: Jaakko Arola: Tenorisaksofoni Lauri Hyvärinen: Sähkökitara Jux Kinnunen: Sähkökitara ja tee se itse “syna” Katja Lamberg: Alttosaksofoni Vesa Lehko: Bassoklarinetti Ari Lehtinen: Kontrabasso Tom Lönnqvist: Sähköpiano Sami Raitola: Rummut Ville Sirviö: Sähkökitara Markku Toikkanen: Sähkökitara


Got a sponsorship to work on ambisonic 3D recordings. Started today at Sipoonkorpi Nationalpark.


My new album is out and this count has gone down from 99 to zero! https://guggenhavn.bandcamp.com/album/h-vi-v-n-pieni-osa


We were working with text in a short residency in Lappvik. The text is part of conceptualising the work “Inter-floral Mintbox” while creating possible material for the piece. Attached some pictures by Marjut Maristo.