Exciting news. Working on some new material and will get a remix from London based Ibrahim Alfa Jnr.


A Prologue (Chor Jenni Elina von Bagh) reviewed by Maija-Liisa Westman in Keskisuomalainen (click number for picture of review)


A Prologue tomorrow 1.10.22 at Tanssin aika festival in Jyväskylä https://tanssinaika.tanssinkeskus.fi/tapahtumat/a-prologue/


Music for Ningen is now released on all major music streaming platforms.


Joined forces with Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen as she performed at toisinajattelijat gallery/ performance space https://www.toisinajattelijat.com/avoimena-sulkeutunut


Music for Ningen, my compositional sound design for the contemporary dance piece Ningen (Chor. Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen) is now released on Mille Plateaux! https://forceincmilleplateaux.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-ningen


Picture of magazine story of Dalen, På Jorden (Itäväylä, Helsinki) (click number for image) also available digitally https://www.itavayla.fi/teksti/makuelamyksia-kuihtuvan-maan-aarella–klockriketeatern-tarjoilee-kulinaristisen-konsertin-6.2.62864.2e870488f0


An interview of Dan Henriksson about Dalen, På Jorden in YLE VEGA Östnyland. The interview contains a mentioning of me and a song recorded with musicians Amanda Blomqvist, Natalia Castrillon, Martin & Mirva Ormin https://arenan.yle.fi/poddar/1-63445461?fbclid=IwAR2CkxSGS0oxJ4F80OAkjP8ApXzcQElwQPOLEeXAg4VRqbnFlf5fbN_xa8k


A few pictures from my Ääniaalto performance at Vuotalo, Helsinki (click number for images)