Our piece Järkäle ja asetelmia will not premier as scheduled due to Covid-19 restrictions in Helsinki. Kiasma will also close for 15 months and has a full schedule for 2022 so our premier will as it seems be moved to 2023.

Sad for this to be the reality but it is difficult times all around the world atm so hopefully things will eventually calm down with vaccine and our piece will find its way in all of this.


Working on new material for Järkäle ja Asetelmia.

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Performing ZOE as part of Mad Weekend.

Sara Gurevitsch – ZOE, myös livestream


Kirjoitus Kuudestila tapahtumassa Mikkelinkaupunki lehdessä.

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Our happening Kuudestila in Länsi-Savo newspaper.



I was working last fall in Mikkeli on the EU funded dance project HUUMA.

It was a joint project with Anti festival Kuopio, ESTO Mikkeli and Raatikko Vantaa.


I made sound with the participants, to be part of the movement we together with the participants and choreograph Sara Gurevitsch made.





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Eilisestä, about yesterday:

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Turun Sanomien arvio kokonaisuudessaan:




A teaser and some pictures from the ZOE, we will perform as part of XS festival next week Wednesday. (click picture for large image)


We will have our first session of HUUMA today at Etelä-Savon Tanssiopisto. Last week we had a two day session with the other artists of the project. It’s a good group and interesting project. More info to come.



Our performance in Mikkeli got good attention in the local newspaper Länsi-Savo. We even made the cover:


& the article:


The performance was a collaboration between Harmaa Sirkus (Ismo Pekka Heikinheimo/ Fanny Gurevitsch/ Tiina Jalkanen) and dancer choreograph Sara Gurevitsch musician Satu Tilanen and me.

It was performed on the wall in relation to the local hospital, Lauri Nykopps work on its facade and the surroundings. Here a clip that the hospital posted: