A video I made together with the Children and Youth Foundation is now online: https://www.nuori.fi/2020/06/22/verkkotyopajatkin-voivat-koskettaa/


I was working last fall in Mikkeli on the EU funded dance project HUUMA.

It was a joint project with Anti festival Kuopio, ESTO Mikkeli and Raatikko Vantaa.


I made sound with the participants, to be part of the movement we together with the participants and choreograph Sara Gurevitsch made.





(click number for sound file)



We will have our first session of HUUMA today at Etelä-Savon Tanssiopisto. Last week we had a two day session with the other artists of the project. It’s a good group and interesting project. More info to come.



More about this later but will be part of this project starting fall 2019