Our collective work Inter-floral Mintbox is part of URB festival 2019.

Work-in-progress: Inter-floral Mint Box


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I will be part of Avaruusromua next Sunday.



Ever wondered how life is in Laponia Improvisations? Here a recording from one of our sessions led by Lauri Hyvärinen.


Us in this:

Jaakko Arola: Tenorisaksofoni

Lauri Hyvärinen: Sähkökitara

Jux Kinnunen: Sähkökitara ja tee se itse “syna”

Katja Lamberg: Alttosaksofoni

Vesa Lehko: Bassoklarinetti

Ari Lehtinen: Kontrabasso

Tom Lönnqvist: Sähköpiano

Sami Raitola: Rummut

Ville Sirviö: Sähkökitara

Markku Toikkanen: Sähkökitara


Got a sponsorship to work on ambisonic 3D recordings. Started today at Sipoonkorpi Nationalpark.


My new album is out and this count has gone down from 99 to zero!



Started as part of the Laponia Improvisation collective. At the moment we are looking into composition and classical dramaturgy. It has been rewarding and looking forward to go further from here to where ever it will take me, how ever it will happen.





We had our first residency of the new cross disciplinary art project Inter-floral Mint Box at STL Tallin. It was interesting to see how a project we’ve been planning and seeking funds for for almost a year got its first actual work done. We had a showing on tuesday 1.8 and had a good amount of people coming to watch us and happily giving us good feedback.

Here a picture from the showing.

As it can be seen the project evolves around the colour mint green. We are also exploring Inter-floral ways of communication and working in a collective process.

Our group is:

Laura Halonen

Tom Lönnqvist

Marjut Maristo

Kristian Palmu

+producer Riikka Thitz

The project is supported by SKR Uusimaa, Koneen Säätiö and Taike