The text of Magnum is nominated https://www.sunklo.fi/sv/node/3982 It was an intriguing journey to be part of creating the piece.


Sadly, Hangö Teaterträff is cancelled due to covid restrictions. They were a co producer of our performance Magnum. https://www.hangoteatertraff.org/sv/nyheter/hango-teatertraff-2021-stalls-in-jubileum-firas-nasta-ar


Magnum will premier tomorrow at Mad House. Here a teaser I made for the piece. https://www.facebook.com/madhousehelsinki/videos/371280603930615/


Magnum is part of Mad House fall 2020 program. Happy to be part of the working group. https://madhousehelsinki.fi/posts/syksyn-2020-ohjelmisto-julkistettu?locale=fi


We performed Celeste at Hangö teater träff.

It was fun to make to performance to a new venue



Our performance Celeste

as reviewed





I will be making sound for Otto Sandqvist work “Celeste” at Teak spring 2017. The work will be done with swedish speaking acting students. We will premiere in april 2017 showing 8 times.

The working group is: Otto Sandqvist, Tom Lönnqvist, Luca Sirviö (light) and Teo Paaer (costume and scenografy)

The actors are: Petra Heinänen, Klara Wenner Tångring, Minni Gråhn and Wilhelm Enckell