The Deleuze and Guattari Cosmic Art exhibition is now open to public. https://www3.laurentian.ca/deleuzecosmo/tom-lonnqvist/


I have been selected as an artist to the Deleuze, Guattari and Cosmic art exhibition. The exhibition is part of a research project supported the Social Science and Humanities Research Council in Canada (Click number for invitation to launch of exhibition)


Exciting news. Working on some new material and will get a remix from London based Ibrahim Alfa Jnr.


Music for Ningen is now released on all major music streaming platforms.


Joined forces with Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen as she performed at toisinajattelijat gallery/ performance space https://www.toisinajattelijat.com/avoimena-sulkeutunut


Music for Ningen, my compositional sound design for the contemporary dance piece Ningen (Chor. Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen) is now released on Mille Plateaux! https://forceincmilleplateaux.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-ningen


A really nice feeling to play yesterday at Galleria MUU. Thank you everyone who came.


I will be performing at MUU gallery in Helsinki next week Sunday (21.8). This is a solo performance for there monthly happening Muu Matinea https://muu.fi/fi/events-and-exhibitions/elektroninen-muu-matinea-tom-lonnqvist/


Will be performing at Ääniaalto festival in Vuotalo 3.9. https://aaniaalto.fi/artists.html#tomlonnqvist


A recorded live performance of mine will be heard as part of Documenta fifteen on Lumbung radio in July as part of the program vvv. It is part of a feature of Mille Plateaux artist.