Early post about this but will be joining an extensive array of Mille Plateaux artists at a festival in Graz Austria late October 23. More info soonish.


My track OMEN is part of OBLADA SONIKO PT17 broadcasted on CAMP, an art facility in the French Pyrenees https://obladada.com/soniko/



Big review in Inactuelles, musiques singulières, France, translation as pictures (click on number) https://inactuelles.over-blog.com/2023/05/tom-lonnqvist-enter.html


My track SOLAR was played as the opening track of Untempo, a show on Radio Helsinki. Some words about me and the trilogy NOIR/ ARIA/ ENTER also https://radiohelsinki.page.link/11pr


The tracks OMEN and CALM were featured in Vancouver Canada as part of Bepi Crespan Presents on CiTR https://www.citr.ca/radio/bepi-crespan-presents/episode/20230428/


My album ENTER is featured in White light White heat Weekly Electronic Music Tips, a popular blog and listing by Italy/ Torino based Fabrizio Lusso https://www.whitelight-whiteheat.com/2023/04/18/wl-wh-weekly-electronic-music-tips-15-23-2/


SOLAR from my album ENTER will be heard as part of Earbitten, a show by Radboud Mens featured on Amsterdam based DFM.


TIMBER from my album ENTER was featured on Klangwelten/ Eldoradio in Dortmund https://www.eldoradio.de/sendung/klangwelten/11042023


ENTER featured in Lille France as part of “El Réanimator” heard on RCV 99.0 fm http://elreanimator.over-blog.com/2023/04/playlist-1470-vendredi-07-avril-2023.html


ENTER is now out on Mille Plateaux. Happy to part of this label and its history in electronic music. The album can be found on all major streaming platforms https://forceincmilleplateaux.bandcamp.com/album/tom-l-nnqvist-enter