Our dance piece will premier 7.2.2018 at Kallio Stage. This is my artistic work for my Masters degree in sound design at TEAK. Welcome!!



A trailer of our work at UrbanApa festival at Ateneum in Helsinki.

long trailer 'Different but same in this structure of a structure' from Jenna Broas on Vimeo.


I was part of Mikkelin Nykytanssi Tapahtuma at Etelä-Savon Tanssiopisto. The event was about sharing and creating. Participants: Marie Anderson (Swe), Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo, Fanny Gurevtisch, Sara Gurevitsch, Tiina Jalkanen, Mikko Kilpiä, Taryn McGovern (Us), Kira Riikonen, Raisa Vennamo & Katariina Vähäkallio. I was part of the movement and creating sounds.




My Album LAPPVIK will be released 26.2. on guggenhavn. Here a video from the track “Alusta” by Rea-Liina Brunou!

(click number for video)