Joined forces with Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen as she performed at toisinajattelijat gallery/ performance space https://www.toisinajattelijat.com/avoimena-sulkeutunut


Music for Ningen, my compositional sound design for the contemporary dance piece Ningen (Chor. Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen) is now released on Mille Plateaux! https://forceincmilleplateaux.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-ningen


Last Ningen performance today 3.6 at Teak. We will then move to Tanssin Talo. https://www.tanssintalo.fi/en/performances/mammu-rankanen-ningen


Working on the piece Ningen now. I have been part of the movement exploration and doing compositional prework for the sound design. The piece will premier in end of May in Teak to then be shown in Tanssin Talo https://www.uniarts.fi/en/events/ningen/ https://www.tanssintalo.fi/ohjelma/mammu-rankanen-ningen


Working with Mammu Rankanen now on her piece Ningen. I have been part of the movement exploration which feels good. The piece will premier in end of May.


Will be joining Maarit “Mammu” Rankanen in her piece Ningen. The piece is her final artistic work in her doctoral studies and will be shown at TEAK and Tanssin Talo. Looking forward to the opportunity.