O Kaukolampi RMX from my album NOIR will play tonight in Bay area California on KKUP 91,5 FM https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4039787969393277&id=100000863401438


“e” from album NOIR was featured on Markus Ortmanns show “Knuspern” on Hamburg based BYTE FM https://www.byte.fm/sendungen/knuspern/2021-05-30/22/im-herz-geblieben/


The track Aena from the album NOIR was part of France (nation wide) radio http://www.radiomercure.fr/ as part of their electronic therapy program http://electronic-therapy.over-blog.com/


New music video out on Mille Plateaux! https://youtu.be/X85KDdZSFbw


NOIR noticed/ reviewed in Italy https://www.sentireascoltare.com/album/tom-lonnqvist-noir/


My new album NOIR out on Mille Plateaux 21.5.2021 !