Mauritium Simona Zamboli remix played on Milan based radio raheem. https://www.radioraheem.it/the-missing-ear/mille-plateaux-mix-by-lain-bill-b-wintermute/


Mauritium Simona Zamboli remix played in Italy on Fango Radio Pangea episode 221 https://www.thenewnoise.it/pangea-221/


The track Mauritium played on “this is not a disco” +Simona Zamboli’s remix of Mauritium played on “random jukebox”. This all in UK/ Cornwall based radiostation Source Fm https://randomjukebox.wordpress.com/2022/03/03/this-is-not-a-disco-030322/


Mauritium from the album ARIA featured in Prague Czech Republic on Radio 1 https://www.radio1.cz/porad/13-syrovych/?tracklist=33139#tracklist


ARIA presented as part of Solenoide Radioshow on Solenopole. The radio is heard on 30 antennas from Canada to France, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium https://solenopole.blogspot.com/2022/02/emission-solenoide-blender-session-54.html?m=1


Monterey and Mauritium Simona Zamboli remix featured on Helsinki based IDA radio/ Signal Life show with Desto https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10221824336144109&id=1428592625


Simona Zamboli’s remix of the track Mauritium featured on Germany based Knuspern on ByteFM https://www.byte.fm/sendungen/knuspern/2022-01-23/22/eine-hand-voll-sternenstaub/