I took part of Nomads Festival with our group Laponia Improvisations. We played improvised music to videos made by students of Kuvataide Akatemia. In one of them I played an acoustic trio with Natalia and Sergio Castrillon. Here an audio from what we played all together in the end.

Laponia improvisations E N S E M B L E:

Johanna Vahtola (voice)
Jukka-Pekka Kunninen (electric guitar)
Natalia Castrillon (prepared Colombian harp)
Juha Rautio (electric guitar)
Katja Lamberg (saxophone and electronics)
Markku Toikkanen (steel string guitar)
Katariina Jumppanen (voice)
Tom Lonnqvist (Drums)
Sergio Castrillon (prepared cello)

A short clip from our part (Laponia) in the end of this video.


I will be performing as part of Laponia Improvisation 22.9 in Nomads festival. Welcome!



Come join us at Museum of impossible forms next friday from 19.00.


Ever wondered how life is in Laponia Improvisations? Here a recording from one of our sessions led by Lauri Hyvärinen.


Us in this:

Jaakko Arola: Tenorisaksofoni

Lauri Hyvärinen: Sähkökitara

Jux Kinnunen: Sähkökitara ja tee se itse “syna”

Katja Lamberg: Alttosaksofoni

Vesa Lehko: Bassoklarinetti

Ari Lehtinen: Kontrabasso

Tom Lönnqvist: Sähköpiano

Sami Raitola: Rummut

Ville Sirviö: Sähkökitara

Markku Toikkanen: Sähkökitara


Started as part of the Laponia Improvisation collective. At the moment we are looking into composition and classical dramaturgy. It has been rewarding and looking forward to go further from here to where ever it will take me, how ever it will happen.