Our monthly radio is now a part of Mixcloud. The radio is hosted by rrkk & tom lönnqvist. Take a listen. ambient, new age, etc.


    I wanted to add a picture to my page because taking pictures is something I also do. In some sence I’m a purist when it comes to pictures, the images have no crop or photoshop. (click on number for image)  


This is a new project of mine. I will draw fish. The idea came to me while playing around with a kids basic set of colors. By using only basic colors and applying them intuitively I feel I can practise this capability and transfer the progress to my large-scale work. And also make some fish.     (click on number for image)


Marjukka Uusitalon näyttely “Unelmia ja Elämyksiä – Drömmar och Upplevelser” jatkuu tammikuun loppun asti Inkoossa (kauppakeskus Strand) Galleria Uusitalon uusissa tiloissa. Työni “Silmiisi hukun” on esillä näyttelyssä. Näyttely on myyntinäyttely ja avoimena ma-la.     (click on number for image)