We performed Celeste at Hangö teater träff. It was fun to make to performance to a new venue http://hangoteatertraff.org/fi/ View this post on Instagram esitys meni hyvin #goodvibes celeste #hangoteatertraff A post shared by Tom Lönnqvist (@tomatom3) on Jun 10, 2017 at 10:47am PDT


working with triggering sensors as a part of composing. we will have a demo tomorrow. here a taste View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tom Lönnqvist (@tomatom3) on Apr 26, 2017 at 2:30am PDT !!dancers: Pauliina Sjöberg and Salla Rytövuori Project coordinators: Aki Päivärinne & Hanna Pajala


My album got this indepth review in http://etherreal.com/spip.php?article5443 also, I made a revised version of one of the tracks for CELESTE


“It is by lending his body to the world the artist changes the world into paintings. To understand these transsubstansiations we must go back to the working actual body -not the body as a chunk of space or a bundle of functions but to that which is an intertwining of vision and movement” (Merleau Ponty 1964)


Our dance from 2015 “KOTIVIDEOT” will be part of Loikka festival. I was a dancer in one part that was filmed in my home. Choreographer Sari Palmgren, cinematographer Päivi Kettunen and sound Tuomas Norvio. https://www.facebook.com/events/1287834457944425/


we are working on a new album with samuli. it is based on a recording during my stay in miemala christmas 2014. i was playing the arp oddysey through out the session here a song to preview.


endless like from an airplane on ice


“An estetical framing of an other world from a material that felt too heavy, to give the audience enough room to breath the work and give room to an exploration in movement, giving us room to move within the problem of plastic” “we didn’t want to provide someting of plastic were we claimed something with an answer or gave them something they could in…


I got to witness the act of ice (click number for images)