3 of my songs from my album LAPPVIK will be played in tonights “Avaruusromua” episode on YLE Radio 1. http://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2015/05/29/kraatereiden-peittama-jainen-ja-kivinen-pallo-avaruusromua-3152015


Olen osana Ulrika Vilken tuottamaa “Kakola” monitaideteosta. Hanke sai huomiota SKR varsinais-suomen apurahahaussa https://www.skr.fi/fi/ajankohtaista/varsinais-suomen-rahaston-apurahat-jaettu. Olen myös osana Jenni Koistisen “Minun nimeni on” yhteisötaideprojektia “Kotimatkalla” teoksessa tanssijana “Koti III” osiossa. Kakola taiteilijat: Jonimatti Joutsijärvi, Pietu Korhonen, Pekka Louhio, Tom Lönnqvist, Antti Polojärvi, Satu Rekola, Kimmo Ylönen, Jussi Vesanto Koti III tanssijat: Jasmin Elonen, Tom Lönnqvist, Sari Palmgren, Marjukka Savolainen, Sonja Simojoki, Jukka Tarvainen  


Olen osana tulevaa “Kesä Gumbostrandissa” näyttelyä. Näyttely aukeaa 5.6 ja jatkuu elokuun loppuun asti. http://konstoform.fi/taide/


I’ve been playing a radio show on Basso radio for many years. Last sunday I was thinking that maybe this would be the last one for me. The show turned out to be one of the best ones I’ve played and now I’m eager to continue with the show. https://www.mixcloud.com/tomatom3/alas-ambient-264-hosted-by-tom-l%C3%B6nnqvist/


My Album LAPPVIK will be released 26.2. on guggenhavn. Here a video from the track “Alusta” by Rea-Liina Brunou! (click number for video)


  Working with sailing again. This time I’m helping Mikaela Wulff and Niki Blässar. We are in Imperia Italy for training.     The venue is beatiful and inspiring. (click number for image)


  My good friends Samuli Tanner and Heta Bilaletdin are living in Miemala. I was visiting there for an extended weekend working on our new Market album. Even though it was alot about recording and looking at structures, we had some time for some nice pictures.           (click number for image & sound)


Our monthly radio is now a part of Mixcloud. The radio is hosted by rrkk & tom lönnqvist. Take a listen. ambient, new age, etc. https://www.mixcloud.com/tomatom3/alas-ambient-01022015-with-rrkk-tom-l%C3%B6nnqvist/


    I wanted to add a picture to my page because taking pictures is something I also do. In some sence I’m a purist when it comes to pictures, the images have no crop or photoshop. (click on number for image)  


This is a new project of mine. I will draw fish. The idea came to me while playing around with a kids basic set of colors. By using only basic colors and applying them intuitively I feel I can practise this capability and transfer the progress to my large-scale work. And also make some fish.     (click on number for image)